The scope of this page is to help you understand the process of using serato or traktor for importing a playlist.

Check the steps provided in screenshots

You need to use Serato or Traktor

When playing music the most popular applications are Serato and Traktor, so we have added support for these two applications.

Download and install Multiscrobbler freeware app

To directly export the tracks as they are played through Serato or Traktor we make use of a freeware app.

From your PC or Mac navigate visit the link:

Download Skufler Live!

Skufler Live! application for PC and Mac is needed in order to submit the currently playing track in the application directly

A full tutorial on how to install and use both applications is available here

Download the application from your PC at:
or Mac at:

Be a featured DJ

You need to be a featured DJ on a place (added and appproved by the place owner).

Ensure internet connectivity

While playing music from your Pc/Mac please make sure that you have internet connection available

Check-in the place

You need to use your skufler mobile app to check in the place you are currently playing in order to broadcast the playlist correctly.

Download the app

Available now for iOS and Android

Get it on App Store Get it on Google Play