Professional DJs Skufler Tutorial


Download Multiscrobbler

If you haven't already done so , please download the freeware app Multiscrobbler from here

Find the download links at the bottom of the page and make sure to download the correct version for your platform


Extract and execute Multiscrobbler

You will need to Extract the compressed file you have just downloaded, and run multiscrobbler

For the fist time Windows users will be asked for permission, so click on allow button


Serato users

Make sure you have serato application open and multiscrobbler freeware app running

Click on the Serato tab on multiscrobbler app

By Default SERATO history.database is located in %USERPROFILE%\music\_serato_\history

If the location is not correctly set please click on the icon next to the textbox to set the correct history.database location

Now use Simply Serato to play music, and the tracks should be automatically visible!

There is absolutely nothing else you need to do on multiscrobbler.


Traktor users

Make sure you have Traktor application open and multiscrobbler freeware app running

Click on the Traktor tab on multiscrobbler app

Traktor users need to perform some configuration on Traktor app.

First Click on File->Preferences, and from the selected menu click on Broadcasting

On the Server settings use 127.0.01 as the address and 8008 as the port

Now click on View-Layouts->Extended

And click on the tape icon on the right hand side, as shown on the image below

and then click on Broadcast icon

This should turn the broadcasting icon on your multiscrobbler app from black to blue

As shown in the images below


Open Skufler Live App

If you haven't already done so please download Skufler live


Get your unique code

Using the Skufler mobile app ensure the following:

  • Check in the place you are playing music
  • Navigate to Scan Menu
  • Click on the Serato/Traktor icon
  • Get you unique code
  • Use it to login in skufler live

Login Skufler Live

Use your phone number (international format +44xxxxxxxx)

and your unique code to login and broadcast


Select Multiscrobbler tracks file

Click on the Browse and select file button in your skuffler live app,

Find the file MultiScrobblerTracks.txt in the multiscrobbler folder and simply select it


Ready !

Everything is now set!

You may add a price tag if you want to make the playlist premium, and earn money everytime it is downloaded

You may also see the tracks that you submit in the Skufler live application

Download the app

Available now for iOS and Android

Get it on App Store Get it on Google Play