1. Check In

to your favorite place, and get the DJ’S playlists automatically!

2. Create Playlist

Recognize the music played in real-time and create playlist automatically.

3. Listen to Music

Connect with your favourite music playing service (Spotify, Apple music, Deezer) and enjoy real playlists.

4. Share

Use your social network to let your followers know.

Music from places you love!

Get in your phone the music playlists from your favourite places


places worldwide and feel the rhythm, the vibe, the mood! Listen to the music playing now at any place in the world, bookmark it, share it. Music takes you everywhere!


to your favorite place, and get the DJ’S playlists automatically!


Nothing can awaken memories like a song. It can be connected to places, people and experiences. Remember your moments!


millions of songs, through Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer ! Just open a playlist and listen to the songs using your favourite service. A premium account is needed.


playlists, places and music experiences with your friends. Let them know where you are and what you listen to right now!


Professional DJ's can now import tracks from Serato/Traktor automatically.

Why use Skufler?

I love getting the DJ's playlists at places they perform live automatically.

I am a Music Lover

Automatically get DJ playlists at places you attend, or follow your favourite DJs and places through the app. Listen to their official playlists. Save your playlists and share them!

I am a professional DJ

As a professional DJ, I want all regulars to get my music while they are at the venue. With Skufler I can easily reach my fans and offer my playlists with a price tag.

Are you a professional DJ?Import your playlist directly using Serato or Traktor! Learn How


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